React Utils Lib

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  import sergiogc9ReactUtils from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sergiogc9/react-utils';


React Utils

This package exports some utilities, personal libraries or helpers.

ℹ️ The library is still in a beta stage as I am still migrating many components here.

ℹ️ This library has been implemented by me and for me, hence it is highly opinionated.



Install the package from npm or github packages:

yarn add -S @sergiogc9/react-utils

Then import and use the wanted resource.


The package exports different kind of resources:

Component utils
  • createNameSpacedComponent: Creates a namespaced component using other components. This is useful when using a children based approach when implementing components.

    For example, to be able to define a Button component using a composable children approach:

    return (
          <Button.Icon icon="check" />
          <Button.Text>Click me</Button.Text>

    You can use this utility:

    import { Button, ButtonIcon, ButtonText } from 'somewhere';
    return createNameSpacedComponent(Button, {
      Icon: ButtonIcon,
      Text: ButtonText
  • lazyLoadComponent: A function that basically uses React.lazy to asynchronously fetch some resources after 1 second.

Redux utils

Exports some functions to easily create reducers of different types:

  • getReducer: Creates a basic reducer.
  • getApiReducers: Creates three api related reducers handling the fetch start, success and fail status.
  • getEntityFetchReducers: Same as getApiReducers but including predefined reducer implementations with a loading status.
Storage utils

Exports an object as default export with many functionalities to work with the localStorage. You can get, set and remove values from it, check if a key exists into it or subscribe to changes to a key.

Image utils

Exports some functions to work with base64 images. See docs in the code.

Keyboard utils

Exports an object as default export with functions to identify keyboard keys.

Validation utils

Exports some functions useful to validate values (e.g. phone numbers).