Servant testing module for jasmine tests running in web browser.

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  import servantServantJasmineBrowser from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@servant/servant-jasmine-browser';


Servant"> Servant jasmine browser

Quick references: Command line, Node API, servant.json, dev-server

What is it?

Servant jasmine browser is module for Servant build tool that is intended for running tests in browser environment. Module can be included as module @servant/servant-jasmine-browser or can be forked from main nodejs process. If you want to run it as process, you need send message with data to say module that you need some work.

import {ServantJson, PackageJson} from "@servant/servant-data";

export type TestsJson = {
    cwd: string;
    entry: string | null;
    files: Array<string>;
    extensions: Array<string>;
    externals: Array<string>;
    packageJson: PackageJson.PackageJsonInfo | null;
    servantJson: ServantJson.ServantJsonInfo | null;

Message must contain cwd (working directory path) and entry that is used as a base directory for loading test from.

Property files is array of glob patterns or array of files with tests. Modules send message on every tests progress. These data are TestsProgress and you can read them from message event in parent process.

Property extensions is array of extensions that are resolved by tests.

Property externals is a list of external libraries that are necessary for running tests but there are not a part of your module.

Property packageJson is PackageJsonInfo for package.json.

Property servantJson is ServantJsonInfo for servant.json.


This module optionally can use playwright module from Microsoft. This module is used to multi browser testing of your web browsers modules. By settings that is done in testing property in servant.json you can setup test to run in Chrome, Firefox and Chromium browsers with emulating more than 70 different devices!

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Licensed under GPLv3

Playwright is licensed under Apache-2.0