Module for raw exec output for the server-state project

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  import serverStateRawModule from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@server-state/raw-module';



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A module for the server-state project. This module allows running "raw" terminal commands and getting their output to stdout and stderr. Commands do not get run in chronological order and each command may only get run once per SM.


As options, the raw-module SMF takes an array of commands (string[]) that get executed:

serverState.registerModule('raw', require('@server-state/raw-module'), [
    'echo Hello'

It then returns the outputs of these commands in a key-value-pair object where the commands serve as keys (this is also the reason why duplicate commands aren't allowed).

Example return object:

    "echo Hello":{"stdout":"Hello","stderr":"","cmd":"echo Hello","code":0}