An experimental Server.js reimplementation

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import serverNext from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@server/next';



I don't know what will come out of this, if anything! Treat as the most experimental thing you've ever seen


New implementation from scratch. This version has these changes when compared with the 1.0 (WIP):

  • Tiny footprint with no dependencies, all bundled in a single file. Installing and using the full library takes under 10kb (target limit).
  • Faster! Reimplemented from scratch for speed. With raw ES7 and a tiny code footprint, your server will fly.
  • Modern ES6 syntax for both the library and examples.
  • Error handling improved greatly.
  • Compatible with Cloudflare Workers so you can run the same code on Node.js or on a Worker.
  • Not using express underneath anymore. Considering keeping the compatibility layer anynway (since Express itself is a thin layer).
  • Changed the reply logic greatly, including the removal of render(). This is the main reason express was removed. Many servers don't need render() at all.
  • [security] Removed mandatory CSRF token, since this is only useful for server-rendered pages and not for SPA. You can activate it with a single option as before.

Conceptually, the world is moving out of server-rendered websites so we are as well. Now instead we treat APIs as first-class citizens.

// It will be published under `server` in the future
import server, { get, post } from "@server/next";

  get("/", () => `Homepage works! Try '/users/abc'`),
  get("/users/:id", ({ params }) => `The user is ${params.id}`),
  post("/users", () => ({ id: "abc", name: "Francisco" }))


Create a directory, initialize npm and install @server/next:

mkdir server-demo && cd server-demo
npm init --yes
npm install @server/next

Create a index.js with a home route and a path route:

import server, { get } from "@server/next";

  get("/", ctx => `Hello there!`),
  get("/:path", ctx => `Visited "${ctx.params.path}"`)
).then(ctx => console.log(`Running on ${ctx.runtime}`));

Modify package.json to add "type": "module" for that nice import syntax:

  "main": "index.js",
  "type": "module",

Start it with node . and visit http://localhost:3000/ 🎉

Building for Cloudflare

If you also want to build it (for example, for Cloudflare Workers) you can build it with rollup. Please see more info in Cloudflare's official documentation.


New guides coming:

  • Modify all documentation to use the new ES6 syntax. Explain how to bundle and run it. Maybe create npx @server/build.
  • Consider other serverless architectures.
  • How to even test? Create a test suite that makes requests.


Random thoughts and ramblings:

  • Consider normalizing a kv store sorf-of, which would be very useful for both sessions and user-code. Right now we are using/supporting Redis.
  • Startup time is critical for serverless.