A CLI to help deploy Serverless Stack apps.

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Part of the Serverless Stack Framework. The sst CLI allows you to build, deploy, and test Serverless Stack apps.

View the @serverless-stack/cli docs here.

Quick Start

Create your first SST app.

# Create your app
$ npx create-serverless-stack@latest my-sst-app
$ cd my-sst-app

# Start Live Lambda Development
$ npx sst start

# Deploy to prod
$ npx sst deploy --stage prod

sst start

Live Lambda Development

The sst start command starts up a local development environment that opens a WebSocket connection to your deployed app and proxies any Lambda requests to your local machine. This allows you to:

  • Work on your Lambda functions locally
  • Supports all Lambda triggers, so there's no need to mock API Gateway, SQS, SNS, etc.
  • Supports real Lambda environment variables and Lambda IAM permissions
  • And it's fast. There's nothing to deploy when you make a change!

Read more about Live Lambda Development.


Check out the SST docs