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  import serverlessChatApp from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@serverless/chat-app';




Instantly deploy a zero configuration serverless chat app to AWS in seconds using Serverless Components.


  1. Install
  2. Create
  3. Configure
  4. Deploy


1. Install

$ npm install -g serverless

2. Create

Just create a serverless.yml file.

$ touch serverless.yml
$ touch .env      # your development AWS api keys
$ touch .env.prod # your production AWS api keys

the .env files are not required if you have the aws keys set globally and you want to use a single stage, but they should look like this.


3. Configure

# serverless.yml

name: my-chat-app
stage: dev

  component: '@serverless/chat-app'
  inputs: # all inputs are optional :)
    colorBackground: white
    colorInputText: black
    logoUrl: null

4. Deploy

chat-app (master)$ components

  ChatApp › outputs:
  url:  'http://chatapp-aegay7.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com'

  56s › dev › ChatApp › done

chat-app (master)$


New to Components?

Checkout the Serverless Components repo for more information.