Serverless plugin that publishes your functions and subscriptions to Hosted Event Gateway.

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Event Gateway plugin for Serverless Framework

Serverless plugin that publishes your functions and subscriptions to Hosted Event Gateway.

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This is best used with the hosted version of the Event Gateway provided by Serverless, Inc. as a fully-managed service.

After you create an account, you'll need two things: an Access Key and an Application URL.

Get an Access Key in the Access Control section, and save it to your clipboard:

Then, grab the URL for one of your Applications:

Finally, save both of these to your serverless.yml:

# serverless.yml

    url: tenant-yourapp.slsgateway.com
    accessKey: AKmyKey1234


You're all set!


Looking for an example to get started? Check out the Getting Started Example to deploy your first service to the Event Gateway.


  1. Create a new Serverless service and change into the directory.

  2. Install the plugin: (needs Node version 7+)

    $ npm install --save-dev @serverless/serverless-event-gateway-plugin
  3. Enter the necessary plugin and config in serverless.yml:

    # serverless.yml
    service: my-service
        url: myorg-app.slsgateway.com
        accessKey: <yourkey>
      # To use self-hosted Event Gateway, use the following
      #  url: http://localhost:4000
      - "@serverless/serverless-event-gateway-plugin"
      name: aws
      runtime: python3.6
      stage: dev
      region: us-west-2
  4. Wire up functions with an eventgateway event type:

    # serverless.yml
        handler: handler.hello
          - eventgateway:
              type: sync
              eventType: http.request
              path: /hello
              method: GET
        handler: handler.goodbye
          - eventgateway:
              type: sync
              eventType: http.request
              path: /goodbye
              method: GET
  5. Deploy, then invoke your function(s):

    $ sls deploy
    $ curl -X GET https://myspace.slsgateway.com/hello
    $ curl -X GET https://myspace.slsgateway.com/goodbye
  6. View your space configuration with sls gateway dashboard:

    $ sls gateway dashboard
    Event Gateway
     space: myspace
     endpoint: https://myspace.slsgateway.com
    │ Function Id                     │ Region    │ ARN                                                                            │
    │ my-service-dev-hello            │ us-east-1 │ arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:111111111111:function:my-service-dev-hello            │
    │ my-service-dev-goodbye          │ us-east-1 │ arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:111111111111:function:my-service-dev-goodbye          │
    │ Event  │ Function ID                     │ Method │ Path                  │
    │ http   │ my-service-dev-hello            │ GET    │ /myspace/hello        │
    │ http   │ my-service-dev-goodbye          │ GET    │ /myspace/goodbye      │


Core concepts:

  • Function: A function is a piece of compute + logic that is ready to respond to an event. Currently, functions can be AWS Lambda functions or HTTP-accessible endpoints.
  • Events: Events are bits of data indicating something happened -- a user was created, a email was sent, or a client requested made an HTTP request.
  • Subscriptions: Events are routed to functions via subscriptions. Subscriptions may be synchronous or asynchronous.

Event concepts:

  • HTTP Request Event: In the Event Gateway, an HTTP request event is an event which represents raw HTTP request. It's especially helpful for building REST APIs or supporting legacy payloads.
  • Custom Events: All non-HTTP request events are custom events. You may have multiple functions subscribed asynchronously to the same custom event.

Auth concepts:

  • Space: A space is a name-spacing mechanism within the Event Gateway. All functions and subscriptions in a space are completely isolated from all other spaces. When using with the hosted Event Gateway, each Application will get its own Space with a unique domain -- https://myorg-my-app.slsgateway.com.
  • Access key: The Access key is the security mechanism for a space within the hosted Event Gateway. A request must have the proper Access key to modify functions and subscriptions in a space.