Tencent Cloud Laravel Serverless Component

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Tencent Laravel Serverless Component

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Laravel Serverless Component for Tencent Cloud.


  1. Prepare
  2. Install
  3. Create
  4. Configure
  5. Deploy
  6. Remove

0. Prepare

Initial Laravel Project

Before use this component, you should init a laravel project:

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel serverless-laravel

Notice:Laravel use Composer manage dependencies, so you should install Composer firstly. Refer to Official Install

Modify Laravel Project

When cloud funtion running, only /tmp folder is writable, so we should change the APP_STORAGE folder to /tmp.

Add this line in bootstrap/app.php after $app = new Illuminate\Foundation\Application:

$app->useStoragePath($_ENV['APP_STORAGE'] ?? $app->storagePath());

We will also need to customize the location for compiled views, as well as customize a few variables in the .env file:

# views compiled path

# We cannot store sessions to disk: if you don't need sessions (e.g. API)
# then use `array`, else store sessions in database or cookies

# Logging to stderr allows the logs to end up in Cloudwatch

# app storage dir must be /tmp

1. Install

Install the Serverless Framework globally:

$ npm install -g serverless

2. Create

Just create the following simple boilerplate:

$ touch serverless.yml
$ touch .env           # your Tencent api keys

Add the access keys of a Tencent CAM Role with AdministratorAccess in the .env file, using this format:

# .env
  • If you don't have a Tencent Cloud account, you could sign up first.

3. Configure

# serverless.yml

  component: '@serverless/tencent-laravel'
    region: ap-guangzhou
    functionName: laravel-function
    code: ./
      timeout: 10
      memorySize: 128
          TEST: vale
        subnetId: ''
        vpcId: ''
        - https
      environment: release

4. Deploy

Notice: Before deploying, you should clear local run config cache, run php artisan config:clear.

$ sls --debug

  DEBUG ─ Resolving the template's static variables.
  DEBUG ─ Collecting components from the template.
  DEBUG ─ Downloading any NPM components found in the template.
  DEBUG ─ Analyzing the template's components dependencies.
  DEBUG ─ Creating the template's components graph.
  DEBUG ─ Syncing template state.
  DEBUG ─ Executing the template's components graph.
  DEBUG ─ Compressing function laravel-function file to /Users/yugasun/Desktop/Develop/serverless/tencent-laravel/example/.serverless/laravel-function.zip.
  DEBUG ─ Compressed function laravel-function file successful
  DEBUG ─ Uploading service package to cos[sls-cloudfunction-ap-guangzhou-code]. sls-cloudfunction-default-laravel-function-1584409722.zip
  DEBUG ─ Uploaded package successful /Users/yugasun/Desktop/Develop/serverless/tencent-laravel/example/.serverless/laravel-function.zip
  DEBUG ─ Creating function laravel-function
  laravel-function [████████████████████████████████████████] 100% | ETA: 0s | Speed: 437.95k/s
  DEBUG ─ Created function laravel-function successful
  DEBUG ─ Setting tags for function laravel-function
  DEBUG ─ Creating trigger for function laravel-function
  DEBUG ─ Deployed function laravel-function successful
  DEBUG ─ Starting API-Gateway deployment with name ap-guangzhou-apigateway in the ap-guangzhou region
  DEBUG ─ Service with ID service-em7sgz40 created.
  DEBUG ─ API with id api-lln5145m created.
  DEBUG ─ Deploying service with id service-em7sgz40.
  DEBUG ─ Deployment successful for the api named ap-guangzhou-apigateway in the ap-guangzhou region.

    functionName:        laravel-function
        Name:        laravel-function
        Runtime:     Php7
        Handler:     serverless-handler.handler
        MemorySize:  128
        Timeout:     10
        Region:      ap-guangzhou
        Namespace:   default
        Description: This is a template function
    region:              ap-guangzhou
    apiGatewayServiceId: service-em7sgz40
    url:                 https://service-em7sgz40-1251556596.gz.apigw.tencentcs.com/release/
    cns:                 (empty array)

  51s › MyLaravel › done

Notice: sls is short for serverless command.


5. Remove

$ sls remove --debug

  DEBUG ─ Flushing template state and removing all components.
  DEBUG ─ Removed function laravel-function successful
  DEBUG ─ Removing any previously deployed API. api-lln5145m
  DEBUG ─ Removing any previously deployed service. service-em7sgz40

  14s › MyLaravel › done

More Components

Checkout the Serverless Components repo for more information.