Tencent Cloud Vpc Component

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Tencent Cloud Vpc Component

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Tencent Cloud Vpc serverless component.


  1. Install
  2. Create
  3. Configure
  4. Deploy
  5. Remove

1. Install

Install the Serverless Framework globally:

$ npm install -g serverless

2. Create

In project root, create the following simple boilerplate:

$ touch serverless.yml
$ touch .env           # your Tencent api keys

Add the access keys of a Tencent CAM Role with AdministratorAccess in the .env file, using this format:

# .env
  • If you don't have a Tencent Cloud account, you could sign up first.

3. Configure

# serverless.yml
  component: '@serverless/tencent-vpc'
    region: ap-guangzhou
    zone: ap-guangzhou-2
    vpcName: serverless
    subnetName: serverless

4. Deploy

$ sls --debug

  DEBUG ─ Resolving the template's static variables.
  DEBUG ─ Collecting components from the template.
  DEBUG ─ Downloading any NPM components found in the template.
  DEBUG ─ Analyzing the template's components dependencies.
  DEBUG ─ Creating the template's components graph.
  DEBUG ─ Syncing template state.
  DEBUG ─ Executing the template's components graph.
  DEBUG ─ Creating vpc serverless...
  DEBUG ─ Create vpc serverless success.
  DEBUG ─ Creating subnet serverless...
  DEBUG ─ Create subnet serverless success.

    region:     ap-guangzhou
    zone:       ap-guangzhou-2
    vpcName:    serverless
    subnetName: serverless
    subnetId:   subnet-kwtsloz4
    vpcId:      vpc-hqydtuy1

  5s › MyVpc › done

Notice: sls is short for serverless command.


5. Remove

$ sls remove --debug

  DEBUG ─ Flushing template state and removing all components.
  DEBUG ─ Start removing subnet subnet-kwtsloz4
  DEBUG ─ Removed subnet subnet-kwtsloz4
  DEBUG ─ Start removing vpc vpc-hqydtuy1
  DEBUG ─ Removed vpc vpc-hqydtuy1

  7s › MyVpc › done

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