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Deploy a static website to AWS S3 in seconds using Serverless Components.


  1. Install
  2. Create
  3. Configure
  4. Deploy


1. Install

$ npm install -g serverless

2. Create

$ mkdir my-website
$ cd my-website

the directory should look something like this:

|- code
  |- index.html
|- serverless.yml
|- .env      # your AWS api keys

# .env

The code directory could either be a simple directory of html/css/js assets files, or a full fledged React app.

3. Configure

# serverless.yml

name: my-website
stage: dev

  component: "@serverless/website"
      root: ./ # The root folder of your website project.  Defaults to current working directory
      src: ./src # The folder to be uploaded containing your built artifact
      hook: npm run build # A hook to build/test/do anything to your code before uploading
    region: us-east-1 # The AWS region to deploy your website into
    bucketName: myBucket # (Optional) The Bucket name where `src` files/folder will be upload. 
                         # If not provided, it will create random bucket name and upload `src` files
    env: # Environment variables to include in a 'env.js' file with your uploaded code.
      API_URL: https://api.com
    # You can specify a custom domain name for your website.
    # You must have a public hosted zone available for this domain in AWS Route53.
    # This is done automatically for you if you've purchased the domain via AWS Route53.
    domain: www.example.com 

4. Deploy

$ serverless


New to Components?

Checkout the Serverless Components repo for more information.