A set of material style fields for formik

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  import settlinFormikMui from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@settlin/formik-mui';



Heavily Inspired from https://github.com/stackworx/formik-material-ui https://github.com/daixianceng/formik-material-fields

A set of material style fields for formik using material-ui

This library provides the following components:

  • Input - a generic input field with all types eg: text, radio, checkbox, buttons (button group), switch, select, hidden, date.... Some extra fields like filter are also available.
  • Formik-ed Components from MUI eg Select TextField RadioGroup etc...


  • TODO
  • Please see the code for now
  • All components in formik directory are the actual formik Fields which are used by the generic Input
  • All components in forms directory are wrappers over mui fields, which convert the formik and other props to relevant props using a function called formikToMuiProps


Using npm:

$ npm install --save @settlin/formik-mui


import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { Formik, Form } from 'formik';
import { Input } from '@settlin/formik-mui';

const initialValues = {
  username: '',

class MyForm extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        {({ isValid }) => (
          <Form autoComplete="off">

Exposed Formik Fields

export {default as Input} from './Input';

export {default as ButtonGroup} from './formik/ButtonGroup';
export {default as Checkbox} from './formik/Checkbox';
export {default as CheckboxGroup} from './formik/CheckboxGroup';
export {default as CurrencyField} from './formik/CurrencyField';
export {default as InputArra} from './formik/InputArray';
export {default as Persist} from './formik/Persist';
export {default as Radio} from './formik/Radio';
export {default as Select} from './formik/Select';
export {default as Switch} from './formik/Switch';
export {default as TextField} from './formik/TextField';

export {default as Button} from './forms/Button';
export {default as formikToMuiProps} from './forms/formikToMuiProps';

export {default as currencify} from './utils/currencify';
export {default as validateDob} from './utils/validate/dob';
export {default as validateEmail} from './utils/validate/email';
export {default as validateMobile} from './utils/validate/mobile';


@settlin/formik-mui is released under the MIT License.