sewing-kit-next plugin for linting with eslint

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  import sewingKitPluginEslint from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sewing-kit/plugin-eslint';



This package provides a sewing-kit plugin that runs ESLint as part of the sewing-kit lint command.


yarn add @sewing-kit/plugin-eslint --dev


The eslint function returns a sewing-kit plugin. This plugin applies to the workspace, not an individual project.

import {createWorkspace} from '@sewing-kit/core';
import {eslint} from '@sewing-kit/plugin-eslint';

export default createWorkspace((workspace) => {

By default ESLint runs over everything in the current folder. You can modify the files that are processed by passing in a files glob to the plugin's options.

export default createWorkspace((workspace) => {
  // Run eslint on a single subfolder
  workspace.use(pretttier({files: 'some-subfolder/**/*'}));


This plugin adds the following hooks to LintWorkspaceConfigurationCustomHooks:

  • eslintFlags: an object of options to convert into command line flags for the eslint command. These options are camelcase versions of their CLI counterparts.

    import {createWorkspaceLintPlugin} from '@sewing-kit/core';
    const plugin = createWorkspaceLintPlugin(({hooks}) => {
      hooks.configure.hook((configure) => {
        // Modify the maximum number of allowed warnings from the default of 0
        configure.eslintFlags?.hook((flags) => ({
          maxWarnings: 5,