Use to launch the android emulator

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import sfioriniAndroidEmulator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sfiorini/android-emulator';


Android emulator

I recently started doing React Native development and what continiously bugged me was The fact that i needed to start the android emulator manually all the time. This was either through a pretty badly designed CLI or even worse waiting for Android studio to boot up (A huge behemoth).

Npm scripts

This is a modified version of the original project by @antonholmberg that terminates the process with a zero exit code once once the simulator opens. This allows me to create a npm script that always tries to start the emulator before running the app.

What you need to do? 🤔

You need to set the either set the environment variable ANDROID_HOME or ANDROID_SDK to where your android sdk is installed. For me on a mac this is ~/Library/Android/sdkbut this will depend on your OS and installation.

Running it 🚀

Run android-emulator in the terminal. Then select the emulator you want to start.