Helper functions to deal with missing context issues using Enzyme from 3rd party libs like Styled Components, React Router, ...

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  import sfitzpatrickEnzymeContextHelpers from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sfitzpatrick/enzyme-context-helpers';



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💻 Installation

First include the dependency in your project as dev-dependency.


$ npm i @sfitzpatrick/enzyme-context-helpers -D


$ yarn add @sfitzpatrick/enzyme-context-helpers -D

📦 Usage

Styled Components

First you need to init once to pass your Styled Components theme.

import { init } from '@sfitzpatrick/enzyme-context-helpers';
// Change path to where your Theme is saved
import theme from '../src/theme/theme';

init({ theme });

Then when you want test your styled components, which are dependent on theme context, you can use the following helpers to test with shallow and mount. These functions will automatically inject the Theme into your components.

import {
} from '@sfitzpatrick/enzyme-context-helpers';

const mountedWrapper = mountWithTheme(component);
const shallowWrapper = shallowWithTheme(component);
const snapshotWrapper = renderWithTheme(component).toJSON();

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📃 License

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the Licence.md file for details.

📜 Change log

The change log can found on the CHANGELOG page.

✍️ Contributions

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