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Library of common React UI Components, ready to plug into your website. Uses Emotion CSS-in-JS Library for styles.

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💻 Getting Started

Follow these instructions to include the Fitzy Library to your website.

First include the dependency in your project.

Fitzy is available as an npm package.

$ npm install fitzy --save

This library depends on react,prop-types and Emotion. Please make sure you have those installed as well.

📦 Usage

The fitzy library provides both named and default exports, so you can import everything or just what you need. I would recommend just to import what you need for smaller bundle sizes.

import { Input, Tabs } from 'fitzy';
import Fitzy from 'fitzy';

🎁 Components


Built With

  • React - The javascript library used.
  • Emotion - CSS-in-JS Library for styling.
  • Jest - Test Framework.
  • Styleguidist - React component development library.

👊 Author

📃 License

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the Licence.md file for details.

📜 Change log

The change log can found on the releases page.

✍️ Contributions

Feel free to contribute and submit pull requests.test

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