A set of plop generator for creating React components

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  import sgfastitPlopReact from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sgfastit/plop-react';



A plop generator for creating React components in accordance with SG guidelines. It allows to create 2 kind of React components:

  • React Component: Simple component with the following folder structure:
    • <Component name>.component.js
    • <Component name>.style.js
    • <Component name>.test.js
    • index.js
  • React Container (or View): Component with the boilerplate for mapping application state to component's props by using Redux (mapStateToProps & mapDispatchToProps).
    • <Component name>.container.js
    • <Component name>.component.js
    • <Component name>.style.js
    • <Component name>.test.js
    • index.js

For each one of these 2 kind of component, you can choose:

  • which React component to use: PureComponent Class, Component Class and Stateless Function
  • to use ReactIntl or not (multilingualism)
  • to use Flow or not (Type checker)

See Examples

Get Started


  1. Add Plop to your project
$ npm install --save-dev plop
  1. Add Plop-react to your project
$ npm install --save-dev @sgfastit/plop-react
  1. Create a plopfile.js at the root of your project
module.exports = function (plop) {
    // Load plop react here

  // You can load other plop module or define your own plop generators or helpers, here
  1. Add script inside your package.json, for running plop generator
"plops":"plop --plopfile plopfile.js"
  1. Now you can use it, by running
yarn plops

yarn plop-react


Default confguration

By default, Plop-react has default configurations:

  componentsPath: './source/components',    // default location for components
  containersPath: './source/containers',    // default location for containers
  defaultComponentName: 'Button',           // default name for component
  defaultContainerName: 'Form',             // default name for containers
  defaultComponentType: 'PureComponent Class',  // use PureComponent Class by default
  useReactIntlByDefault: true,              // use ReactIntl by default
  useFlowByDefault: true,                   // use Flow by default

How to overwrite default configuration

You can overwrite the whole default configuration (or only some properties) by yours when you load plop-react inside your plop-file.js.

module.exports = function(plop) {
  // Load plop react here and overwrite default configuration
  plop.load('plop-react', {
    componentsPath: './src/components',
    containersPath: './src/views',
    defaultComponentName: 'Component',
    defaultComponentType: 'PureComponent Class',
    useFlowByDefault: false,