Library to import and export firestore collections in any project.

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  import sgg10FirestoreBackup from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sgg10/firestore-backup';


Firestore Backup

Library to import and export firestore collections in any project.


Install using npm

npm install @sgg10/firestore-backup

Get Credentials from Firebase

You need to generate a private key from your Project Setting > Service Accounts and get the databaseURL to initializate.


To import library and create a new object

import firestoreBackup from '@sgg10/firestore-backup'
import serviceAccount from 'serviceAccount.json'

let fsb = new firestoreBackup(serviceAccount, 'your_database_url')

Export Firestore data

To create a complete backup for databse, use exportAll method


This method will return a Promise with all data from database, if you want save data a local file, you can use a saveFile method.

fsb.exportAll().then( result => fsb.saveFile(result, { name: 'All', path: 'optional_path' }))

To create a custom backup, use exportCustom method. This method recive an Array with name of collections do you want to add to backup.

fsb.exportCustom(['exaple1', 'example2']).then( result => fsb.saveFile(result))

Import Firestore data

To import data from any object to firestore, use importData method

const obj = {
    collection1: {
        12SWQ55ED: {
            name: 'example name',
            phone: 123456789 

To import data from JSON file

fsb.importDataFromFile(`${__dirname}/backup.json`).then(result => console.log(result))