MongoDB TokenStore for Passwordless

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This module provides token storage for Passwordless, a node.js module for express that allows website authentication without password using verification through email or other means. Visit the project's website https://passwordless.net for more details.

Tokens are stored in a MongoDB database and are hashed and salted using bcrypt. If you have trouble installing bcrypt (esp. on Windows) you could also consider using the slower but pure-JS version of MongoStore.


First, install the module:

$ npm install passwordless-mongostore --save

Afterwards, follow the guide for Passwordless. A typical implementation may look like this:

var passwordless = require('passwordless');
var MongoStore = require('passwordless-mongostore');

var mongoURI = 'mongodb://localhost/passwordless-simple-mail';
passwordless.init(new MongoStore(mongoURI));

    function(tokenToSend, uidToSend, recipient, callback) {
        // Send out a token


new MongoStore(uri, [options]);
  • uri: (string) MongoDB URI as further described in the MongoDB docs
  • [options]: (object) Optional. This can include MongoClient options as described in the docs and the ones described below combined in one object as shown in the example


var mongoURI = 'mongodb://localhost/passwordless-simple-mail';
passwordless.init(new MongoStore(mongoURI, {
    server: {
        auto_reconnect: true
    mongostore: {
        collection: 'token'


  • [mongostore.collection]: (string) Optional. Name of the collection to be used. Default: 'passwordless-token'

Hash and salt

As the tokens are equivalent to passwords (even though they do have the security advantage of only being valid for a limited time) they have to be protected in the same way. passwordless-mongostore uses bcrypt with automatically created random salts. To generate the salt 10 rounds are used.


$ npm test


MIT License


Florian Heinemann @thesumofall