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  import shackijjVpaidHtml5Client from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shackijj/vpaid-html5-client';



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JS iframe wrapper for VPAID.

VPAID or Video Player Ad-Serving Interface Definition, establishes a common interface between video players and ad units, enabling a rich interactive in-stream ad experience.

The goals of VPAIDHTML5Client are:

  • common interface for VPAID in different technologies HTML5 and FLASH.
  • handle how to load the VPAID adUnit
  • be a simple and "stupid" implementation of VPAID

check videosjs-vast-vpaid if you need VPAID in videojs


The project uses:


  • test how will work with a real ad in the demo and test
  • try to use the slot element inside the iframe to see if the ad's will not mess the css of the page
  • validate better if the postmessage and iframe works across browsers

Running the project

  • install nodejs and gulp
  • npm install to install all dependencies
  • gulp serve or npm start to start build script and a demo page should be open in default browser
  • gulp to watch, bundle and run tests
  • npm test or gulp test:ci task used by the server
  • gulp deploy:demo task used to update githubpage with demo and bin

Example of the usage

var vpaid = new VPAIDHTML5Client(el, video, {});
vpaid.loadAdUnit('vpaidAdURL.js', onLoad);

function onLoad(err, adUnit) {
    if (err) return;

    adUnit.subscribe('AdLoaded', onInit);
    adUnit.subscribe('AdStarted', onStart);

    adUnit.handshakeVersion('2.0', onHandShake);

    function onHandShake(error, result) {
        adUnit.initAd(480, 360, 'normal', -1, {AdParameters: currentAd.adParameters}, {});

    function onInit() {

    function onStart() {
        console.log('-> AdStarted');



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