Angular2 Input Autocomplete

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Angular2 Auto Complete

Plunker Example: http://plnkr.co/edit/3pB1Gx?p=preview


  1. install ng2-auto-complete

     $ npm install ng2-auto-complete --save
  2. add map and packages to your systemjs.config.js

     map['ng2-auto-complete'] = 'node_modules/ng2-auto-complete/dist';
     packages['ng2-auto-complete'] = { main: 'ng2-auto-complete.umd.js', defaultExtension: 'js' }
  3. import Ng2AutoCompleteModule to your AppModule

     import { Ng2AutoCompleteModule } from 'ng2-auto-complete';
       imports: [BrowserModule, FormsModule, Ng2AutoCompleteModule],
       declarations: [AppComponent],
       providers: [HTTP_PROVIDERS],
       bootstrap: [ AppComponent ]
     export class AppModule { }

Usage it in your code

    <input auto-complete [(ngModel)]="myData" [source]="mySource" />

For full example, please check test directory to see the example of;

  • systemjs.config.js
  • app.module.ts
  • and app.component.ts.

Contributors are welcomed

This module is only improved and maintained by contributors like you;

As a contributor, it's NOT required to be skilled in Javascript nor Angular2. You can contribute to the following;

  • Updating README.md
  • Making more and clearer comments
  • Answering issues and building FAQ
  • Documentation
  • Translation

In result of your active contribution, you will be listed as a core contributor on https://ng2-ui.github.io, and a member of ng2-ui too.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor and/or a member of ng-ui, please send me email to allenhwkim AT gmail.com with your github id.


All options are optional except ngModel and source

  • ngModel, any, variable that autocomplete result is assigned to
  • source, array or string, required. data source for dropdown list
  • auto-complete-placeholder, string, autocomplete input guide text
  • list-formatter, function variable name, custom list formatting function.e.g. 'myListFormatter', not 'myListFormatter()'
  • path-to-data, string, e.g., data.myList, path to array data in http response
  • min-chars, number, when source is remote data, the number of character to see dropdown list
  • value-property-name, string, key name of value. default is id
  • display-property-name, string, key name of text to show. default is value
  • blank-option-text, string, guide text to allow empty value to be selected as in empty value of option tag.
  • valueChanged / ngModelChange, callback function that is executed when a new dropdown is selected. e.g. (valueChanged)="myCallback($event)"
  • loading-text, text to be displayed when loading. Default, "Loading"

For Developers

To start

$ git clone https://github.com/ng2-ui/ng2-auto-complete.git
$ cd ng2-auto-complete
$ npm install 
$ npm run build # to build `dist` directory
$ npm start
$ go to /app