A mobile-friendly when2meet-style grid-based schedule selector

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React Schedule Selector

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A mobile-friendly when2meet-style grid-based schedule selector built with styled components and date-fns.

Live example


Getting Started

yarn add react-schedule-selector styled-components
import ScheduleSelector from 'react-schedule-selector'

class App extends React.Component {
  state = { schedule = [] }

  handleChange = newSchedule => {
    this.setState({ schedule: newSchedule })

  render() {
    return (

<ScheduleSelector />

ScheduleSelector is a controlled component that can be used easily with the default settings. Just provide a controlled value for selection and include an onChange handler and you're good to go. Further customization can be done using the props outlined below.

To customize the UI, you can either:

  1. Specify values for the color, margin, format, etc. props
  2. Use the renderDateCell render prop to handle rendering yourself.



type: Array<Date>

description: List of dates that should be filled in on the grid (reflect the start time of each cell).

required: yes


type: 'square' | 'linear'

description: The behavior for selection when dragging. square selects a square with the start and end cells at opposite corners. linear selects all the cells that are chronologically between the start and end cells.

required: no

default value: 'square'


type: (Array<Date>) => void

description: Called when selected availability is changed. The new list of selected dates is passed in as the first parameter.

required: yes


type: Date

description: The date on which the grid should start (time portion is ignored, specify start time via minTime)

required: no

default value: today


type: number

description: The number of days to show, startin from today

required: no

default value: 7


type: number

description: The minimum hour to show (0-23)

required: no

default value: 9


type: number

description: The maximum hour to show (0-23)

required: no

default value: 23


type: string

description: The date format to be used for the column headers

required: no

default value: 'M/D'


type: number

description: The margin between grid cells (in pixels)

required: no

default value: 3


type: string

description: The color of an unselected cell

required: no

default value: 'rgba(89, 154, 242, 1)'


type: string

description: The color of an unselected cell

required: no

default value: 'rgba(162, 198, 248, 1)'


type: string

description: The color of a hovered cell

required: no

default value: '#dbedff'


type: (time: Date, selected: boolean, refSetter: function) => React.Node

description: A render prop function that accepts the time this cell is representing and whether the cell is selected or not and returns a React element. It is your responsibility to apply the refSetter as a ref to the component you render -- neglecting to do so will cause the component to not work properly for touch devices. If you choose to use this custom render function, the color props above have no effect.

required: no