No Need To Remember CLI App Names

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import shardulGenApp from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shardul/gen-app';


Generate App

No Need To Remember CLI App Names

What Is gen-app ?

Are You Tired Of Remembering Names Of All CLI Apps ? With This Simple App You Can Gnerate Angular, Vue, React, Next.js apps easily!


Run npm install -g @shardul/gen-app To Install The CLI App. Now You Can Access It From Anywhere.

 npm install -g @shardul/gen-app 

To Test Installation Run gen-app h Or gen-app help. It Should Display All Usage Information.

 gen-app h 

 gen-app help 


Angular App

Run gen-app angular <name> To Create A Angular App.

 gen-app angular <name> 

Vue App

Run gen-app vue <name> To Create A Vue App.

 gen-app vue <name> 

React App

Run gen-app react <name> To Create A React App.

 gen-app react <name> 

Next.js App

Run gen-app next-react <name> To Create A Next.js App.

 gen-app next-react <name> 

This Project Is Licensed Under The MIT License

Project By Shardul Nalegave