Share & Charge Core Client for Charge Point Operators

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  import shareandchargeSharechargeCoreClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shareandcharge/sharecharge-core-client';


Share & Charge Core Client

The Core Client is used by Charge Point Operators and private Charge Point Owners to manage charge sessions on the Share & Charge e-Mobility Network. It directly listens to Share & Charge smart contract events and filters based on EVSEs connected to a wallet configured by the user.


Install via NPM:

npm install -g @motionwerk/sharecharge-core-client

A default configuration file will be generated in $HOME/.sharecharge/. It is important to configure the Core Client to listen on a particular stage and ethProvider so that the correct contracts are used. Additionally, a funded wallet is necessary to add charge points to the network. These charge points will be filtered automatically by the Core Client, based on the provided wallet seed in the configuration file.

Running the init command will setup the Core Client to listen to the S&C test network.

sc-cc init

The wallet can be created and charge points added by using the Share & Charge command line interface:

npm install -g @motionwerk/sharecharge-cli

Create a wallet and follow the instructions to use:

sc-cli wallet create

Add charge points to the network:

sc-cli store add-locations

Add tariffs to the network:

sc-cli store add-tariffs

Finally, you can run the Core Client using:

sc-cc start

If all has been correctly configured you will be presented with the wallet's coinbase (primary address) and charge points upon start.

Connecting a bridge

Bridges must implement the IBridge interface.

An example bridge is provided for testing purposes and includes an autostop after 10 seconds.