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NPM Module Boilerplate

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Start developing your NPM module in seconds

Readymade boilerplate setup with all the best practices to kick start your npm/node module development.

Happy hacking =)


  • ES6/ESNext - Write ES6 code and Babel will transpile it to ES5 for backwards compatibility
  • Test - Mocha with Istanbul coverage
  • Lint - Preconfigured ESlint with Airbnb config
  • CI - TravisCI configuration setup
  • Minify - Built code will be minified for performance


  • npm run clean - Remove lib/ directory
  • npm test - Run tests with linting and coverage results.
  • npm test:only - Run tests without linting or coverage.
  • npm test:watch - You can even re-run tests on file changes!
  • npm test:prod - Run tests with minified code.
  • npm run test:examples - Test written examples on pure JS for better understanding module usage.
  • npm run lint - Run ESlint with airbnb-config
  • npm run cover - Get coverage report for your code.
  • npm run build - Babel will transpile ES6 => ES5 and minify the code.
  • npm run prepublish - Hook for npm. Do all the checks before publishing your module.


Just clone this repo and remove .git folder.


MIT © Dinesh Pandiyan