Notifiers allow you to trigger callbacks accross your app when a variable changes

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  import sharpscratchyNotifier from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sharpscratchy/notifier';


📦 @sharpscratchy/notifier

In a lot of application, some values needs to be accessed from multiple services and always be up to date.

With notifier you can subscribe on a specific value multiple times, and propagate change to all subscriptions when the value is updated through callbacks.

➕ Installation

npm install --save @sharpscratchy/notifier

🔧 Usage

const notifer = require("@sharpscratchy/notifier");
const service = require("<your-service>");

const [subscribeToValue, setValue] = notifier.create("default");

// Each time setValue is called with new value, print in console.log
const unsubscribeConsole = subscribeToValue((value) => console.log(value));

// Each time setValue is called with new value, update a service
const unsubscribeService = subscribeToValue((value) => service.update(value));

// Print 'foo' in console.log
// Update the service


// Only update the service since console callback have unsubscribed