Bull queue UI for inspecting jobs

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bull-board 🎯

Bull Dashboard is a UI built on top of Bull to help you visualize your queues and their jobs.

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To add it to your project start by adding the library to your dependencies list:

yarn add bull-board


npm i bull-board

Hello World

Add existing Bull Queue(s)

When you already defined your queue(s) you can add them using the setQueues function.

const Queue = require('bull');

const someQueue = new Queue();
const someOtherQueue = new Queue();

const { setQueues } = require('bull-board')


// OR


Configure Queue(s) using bull-board

You can also use bull-board itself to create the queues without the need for explicitly importing Bull.

Remember that it depends on Redis as well, so the first step is to configure all of your queues:

const { createQueues } = require('bull-board')

const redisConfig = {
  redis: {
    port: process.env.REDIS_PORT,
    host: process.env.REDIS_HOST,
    password: process.env.REDIS_PASSWORD,

const queues = createQueues(redisConfig)

And then you can setup how your queues will work:

const helloQueue = queues.add('helloQueue') // adds a queue
const helloQueueWithOpts = queues.add('helloQueue', {
  prefix: 'hello',
}) // adds a queue with QueueOptions https://github.com/OptimalBits/bull/blob/master/REFERENCE.md#queue

// defines how the queue works
helloQueue.process(async job => {
  console.log(`Hello ${job.data.hello}`)

helloQueue.add({ hello: 'world' }) // adds a job to the queue

And finally, add UI to your middlewares (this can be set up using an admin endpoint with some authentication method):

const app = require('express')()
const { UI } = require('bull-board')

app.use('/admin/queues', UI)

// other configurations for your server


To try it out locally you can clone this repo and run:

yarn && yarn start:example

Just make sure you spin up a Redis instance locally (default port is 6379).

Further ref

For further ref, please check Bull's docs. Apart from the way you configure and start your UI, this library doesn't hijack Bull's way of working.

If you want to learn more about queues and Redis: https://redis.io/

Acknowledgements ❤️

  • Juan for building the first version of this library