A custom build of Ckeditor5 React aimed for UX optimization

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  import shaungcCustomCkeditor5React from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shaungc/custom-ckeditor5-react';


A Custom Build for Ckeditor5 React

Original upstream repository.

The motivation to fork and create our own Ckeditor build is a better user experience. The needs are tailored to our own use case so I have no plan to create PR at least in the short term, but the UX principles behind these add-ons and improvement in this repo are universe. (see the heuristics introduced by Nielsen)

What did we add on top of the original Ckeidtor?

  • Expose a onSaveKeystroke event as prop on the <CKEditor> component, so you can setup some mechanism when user press "Ctrl + S" in the editor area. Usually this will be triggering a form submission.
  • Not so much currently, but we're constantly reviewing our use case and will add more...!

How to update code and release to npm

  1. Commit code in git, give commit message.
  2. Run npm run patch-publish.

Relevant repository

  • Our custom Ckeditor balloon build - the vanilla CKEditor. Ckeditor5 React serves like an adapter between vanilla Ckeditor and the React framework, that means you can switch the vanilla Ckeditor5 part with any other variant you want - say it's the offical or somebody else custom build like me. Looking for how to use CKEditor in your React app? Check out the upstream repository at the top of this readme.
  • User facing apps
    • Appl Tracky. Written in React, this frontend SPA uses this repo as a npm package with our custom balloon build mentioned above.
    • Iriversland2 - my personal website which use Ckeditor. It's written in Angular so does not use this repo, but uses my custom build of Ckeditor balloon editor.