A Facebook Pixel API wrapper

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  import shawnowiwiVueAnalyticsFacebookPixel from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shawnowiwi/vue-analytics-facebook-pixel';




A small wrapper around fbq. This package integrates Facebook pixel into your Vue app.


npm install vue-analytics-facebook-pixel

Also, this library requires installing Facebook Pixel API.



import Vue from 'Vue'
import VueFacebookPixel from 'vue-analytics-facebook-pixel'


Calling API

To start using this script you will have to call init(...) first.

 * Init facebook tracking pixel
 * @param  {String} appId
 * @param  {object} [data={}]
Vue.analytics.fbq.init('YOUR_FACEBOOK_CODE', {
  em: 'user@mail.com'

Make sure init(...) is called only once.

Then you will have full access to the event(...) method.

 * Event tracking
 * @param  {String} name
 * @param  {object} [data={}]
Vue.analytics.fbq.event('ViewContent', {
  content_name: 'Really Fast Running Shoes'

Inside component

All component instances can call this.$analytics.fbq

Naming convention

All vue-analytics-* share the same analytics object, where all the providers are stored.

Facebook script

Facebook Pixel API is required to be installed. You can skip the default window.fbq('init', 'KEY') part and use Vue.analytics.fbq.init(...) which will do the same.