92 MB LibreOffice to fit inside AWS Lambda compressed with Brotli

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import shelfAwsLambdaLibreoffice from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shelf/aws-lambda-libreoffice';



85 MB LibreOffice to fit inside AWS Lambda compressed with Brotli

Inspired by chrome-aws-lambda

:information_source: Compiled LibreOffice version:


$ yarn add @shelf/aws-lambda-libreoffice

NOTE: Since version 2.0.0 npm package no longer ships the 85 MB LibreOffice but relies upon libreoffice-lambda-layer instead. Follow the instructions on how to add a lambda layer in that repo.


const {convertTo, canBeConvertedToPDF} = require('@shelf/aws-lambda-libreoffice');

module.exports.handler = async () => {
  // assuming there is a document.docx file inside /tmp dir
  // original file will be deleted afterwards

  if (!canBeConvertedToPDF('document.docx')) {
    return false;

  return convertTo('document.docx', 'pdf'); // returns /tmp/document.pdf

Or if you want more control:

const {unpack, defaultArgs} = require('@shelf/aws-lambda-libreoffice');

await unpack(); // default path /tmp/instdir/program/soffice.bin

  `/tmp/instdir/program/soffice.bin ${defaultArgs.join(
    ' '
  )} --convert-to pdf file.docx --outdir /tmp`


  • Please allocate at least 1536 MB of RAM for your Lambda function.
  • It works only in Amazon Linux 2, so it won't work locally on Linux or macOS. However, you could run it in Docker using lambci/lambda:nodejs12.x image
  • If some file fails to be converted to PDF, try converting it to PDF on your computer first. This might be an issue with LibreOffice itself

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Smoke test that it works: ./test.sh. Make sure to clone libreoffice-lambda-layer repo alongside


$ git checkout master
$ yarn version
$ yarn publish
$ git push origin master


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