This library will help you to use multiple themes and easily switch between them in your project.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import sheyxneoAngularMaterialThemeSwitcher from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sheyxneo/angular-material-theme-switcher';


Angular Material Theme Switcher

This library will help you to use multiple themes and easily switch between them in your project.


  • Create your project with supporting to Sass (.scss / .sass)

Example :

ng new Example-Project --style scss

ng add @angular/material

How to install?

You can NPM to install this library in your project.

npm install @sheyxneo/angular-material-theme-switcher


npm i @sheyxneo/angular-material-theme-switcher

How to use?

Firstly you have to import Library in the your module

  • .module
import {
} from '@sheyxneo/angular-material-theme-switcher';

Then import theme in styles.scss

  • styles.scss

@import '~@sheyxneo/angular-material-theme-switcher/am-theme'; 

Now you can add Theme Switchers and Theme Containers

Theme Switchers

There are two switchers to use according to your needs- You can call these component in your component's HTML file.

Color Switcher

Switcher to switch color theme of your project.

  • Basic use


  • Advance Configuration

    • Configure Default Color Theme


<am-theme-color-switcher colorTheme="color-theme-name"></am-theme-color-switcher>
- Provide your Color Themes


<am-theme-color-switcher [themes]="['color-theme-name']"></am-theme-color-switcher>



themes = ['indigo-green'];


<am-theme-color-switcher [themes]="themes"></am-theme-color-switcher>
- Configure Library Color Themes should use or not- Default value is 'true'


<am-theme-color-switcher [isUseLibraryThemes]="false"></am-theme-color-switcher>

Dark Switcher

Switch to Dark or Light

  • Basic use


  • Advance Configuration

    • Configure Theme is Dark or Not, Default value is 'false'.


<am-theme-dark-switcher [isDark]="true"></am-theme-dark-switcher>

Theme Container

To apply themes to your project, you can use following directives.

You must have to add these directives to none Angular Material wrapper html element.

Exapmle :


<div amThemeDirective>

Active Theme

To apply current Active theme.


<div amThemeActive>

Dark Theme

To apply current Active Dark theme- This container will not change with Dark Switcher.


<div amThemeDark>

Light Theme

To apply current Light theme- This container will not change with Dark Switcher.


<div amThemeLight>

Custom Theme

To apply Custom theme- You must have to provide Color Theme name- Your theme is Dark or Not is optional- Default value is 'false'- It mean, whether you will did't set value for 'isDark', your theme will be Light.

  • Light Custom Theme


<div amThemeCustom colorTheme="indigo-pink">
  • Dark Custom Theme


<div amThemeCustom colorTheme="indigo-pink" [isDark]="true">

Theme Container

Special directive to manage your theme- It is also like Active Theme, but also canfigure like Custome Theme.

  • Like a Active Theme

This will use states of your Theme Switchers.


<div amThemeContainer>

* Fixed Color Theme

This will use fixed Color Theme and state of your Dark Switcher.



<div amThemeContainer colorTheme="indigo-pink">
  • Fixed Dark or Light Theme

This will use fixed Dark or Light Theme and state of your Color Switcher.


<div amThemeContainer [isDark]="true">
  • Like Custom Theme

This will use fixed both Color Theme and Dark or Light Theme- And don't use states of your Theme Switchers.


<div amThemeContainer colorTheme="indigo-pink" [isDark]="true">

How make your Themes?

It is so easy to make your theme- You only have to pass selected colors to the theme builder in 'styles.scss' file or your custom 'theme.scss' file, but you must have to import 'theme.scss' file into 'styles.scss' file.

  • Basic use

You can make theme providing primary, accent and warn color.



@import "~@angular/material/theming"; 

@include mat-core(); 

$theme: (
  deeppurple-amber: (

    primary: mat-palette($mat-deep-purple),
    accent: mat-palette($mat-amber, A200, A100, A400),
    warn: mat-palette($mat-red)

  indigo-pink: (

    primary: mat-palette($mat-indigo),
    accent: mat-palette($mat-pink, A200, A100, A400),
    warn: mat-palette($mat-red)

  pink-bluegrey: (

    primary: mat-palette($mat-pink),
    accent: mat-palette($mat-blue-grey, A200, A100, A400),
    warn: mat-palette($mat-red)

  purple-green: (

    primary: mat-palette($mat-purple),
    accent: mat-palette($mat-green, A200, A100, A400),
    warn: mat-palette($mat-red)


@import '~@sheyxneo/angular-material-theme-switcher/am-theme'; 

@include am-theme($theme); 


  • Advance use

You can provide any of these or all of these build your Advance Themes.

  • light-background

  • dark-background

  • light-background-status-bar

  • dark-background-status-bar

  • light-background-app-bar

  • dark-background-app-bar

  • light-background-hover

  • dark-background-hover

  • light-background-card

  • dark-background-card

  • light-background-dialog

  • dark-background-dialog

  • light-background-disabled-button

  • dark-background-disabled-button

  • light-background-raised-button

  • dark-background-raised-button

  • light-background-focused-button

  • dark-background-focused-button

  • light-background-selected-button

  • dark-background-selected-button

  • light-background-selected-disabled-button

  • dark-background-selected-disabled-button

  • light-background-disabled-button-toggle

  • dark-background-disabled-button-toggle

  • light-background-unselected-chip

  • dark-background-unselected-chip

  • light-background-disabled-list-option

  • dark-background-disabled-list-option

  • light-foreground-base

  • dark-foreground-base

  • light-foreground-divider

  • dark-foreground-divider

  • light-foreground-dividers

  • dark-foreground-dividers

  • light-foreground-disabled

  • dark-foreground-disabled

  • light-foreground-disabled-button

  • dark-foreground-disabled-button

  • light-foreground-disabled-text

  • dark-foreground-disabled-text
  • light-foreground-elevation

  • dark-foreground-elevation

  • light-foreground-hint-text

  • dark-foreground-hint-text

  • light-foreground-secondary-text

  • dark-foreground-secondary-text

  • light-foreground-icon

  • dark-foreground-icon

  • light-foreground-icons

  • dark-foreground-icons

  • light-foreground-text

  • dark-foreground-text

  • light-foreground-slider-min

  • dark-foreground-slider-min

  • light-foreground-slider-off

  • dark-foreground-slider-off

  • light-foreground-slider-off-active

  • dark-foreground-slider-off-active

Additional Gift

How is nice you can use these themes for your None Angular Material html elemants- It is easy- You can use following 'css' classes to them.

  • Background colors

    • primary-background

    • accent-background

    • warn-background

    • status-bar-background

    • app-bar-background

    • background-background

    • hover-background

    • card-background

    • dialog-background

    • disabled-button-background

    • raised-button-background

    • focused-button-background

    • selected-button-background

    • selected-disabled-button-background

    • disabled-button-toggle-background

    • unselected-chip-background

    • disabled-list-option-background

  • Foreground and Text colors

    • primary-color

    • accent-color

    • warn-color

    • base-color

    • divider-color

    • dividers-color

    • disabled-color

    • disabled-button-color

    • disabled-text-color

    • elevation-color

    • hint-text-color

    • secondary-text-color

    • icon-color

    • icons-color

    • text-color

    • slider-min-color

    • slider-off-color

    • slider-off-active-color