Generic string escaping.

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  import shieldsbetterSaferoom from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shieldsbetter/saferoom';


We are dead and the web is our hell.

Every service, language, and fever dream has its own restrictions on what characters may appear in its keys, names, and identifiers.

Our sanitization options are a hodge-podge of things that happened to work one time against Apache Server and were eventually enshrined as RFCs.

Sometimes all you want is an invertable process that keeps strings as readable as possible while limiting them to whatever dynamic set of "safe" characters your latest tormentor has saddled you with.

This library does that.


const Saferoom = require('@shieldsbetter/saferoom');

const sr = new Saferoom({
    validCharacters: '_&' + Saferoom.range('0', '9') +
            Saferoom.range('A', 'Z') + Saferoom.range('a', 'z'),
    escapeCharacter: '&'

const encoded = sr.encode('key_2006-15-09T06:43:02+9000');

console.log(/^[_&0-9A-Za-z]+$/.test(encoded));  // true
console.log(encoded);  // key_2006&000i&15&000i&09T06&000v&43&000v&02&000g&9000

console.log(sr.decode(encoded));  // key_2006-15-09T06:43:02+9000

Encoded strings meet the following properties:

  • All characters will be from encodingCharacters.
  • Lexicographic comparison of two escape sequences will yield the same order as lexicographic comparison of the original codepoints those escape sequences encode.


The constructor may be provided with a single options object. If this object is omitted, it defaults to {}. The options object may contain the following fields:

  • encodingCodepoints - a string of codepoints that are valid in encoded strings. For convenience we provide the Saferoom.range(a, b) function for generating strings containing all characters between two inclusive codepoints. Default: '_' + Saferoom.range('0', '9') + Saferoom.range('A', 'Z') + Saferoom.range('a', 'z').
  • escapeCodepoint - a single codepoint to be used to set off esape sequences. It is an error for this codepoint to be missing from encodingCodepoints. Default: encodingCodepoints.codePointAt(0).

Note that the encoding format is dynamic based on these parameters and thus the decoder and encoder must be configured the same.