The CLI for ShineBoard - A beautiful way to share code

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  import shineboardCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shineboard/cli';


ShineBoard CLI

The CLI for ShineBoard - A Beautiful way to share code

ShineBoard is a open-source platform to make sharing code easier. Wasted by all the .txt files you downloaded and the poor hastebin codes ? Switch now to ShineBoard :

  • Type shine help to get started
  • To upload very quicly, run shine add <file>
  • You can also choose to specify a name for this paste with the flag --name (or -n)
  • If you which, you can force the language with --language (or -l)
  • You may also set a password to protect the paste with --password (or -p)

Alternatively, you can use the web application to create paste from the web.


With NPM :

  • Run npm install -g @shineboard/cli in your terminal

With Yarn :

  • Run yarn global add @shineboard/cli in your terminal


Since it's just a Node.js app, you may already know how to do this :

  • Fork this repository, then clone it to your device
  • Install JS dependencies with :
    • NPM : npm install
    • Yarn : yarn
  • Run node src/index.js to try the CLI without linking it
  • You can run npm link (or yarn link) to get the shine CLI running locally. Make sure to type npm unlink (or yarn unlink) to remove symlink created before.


ShineBoard CLI is licensed under the Apache license.