Provide auth services for Shingo APIs

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import shingoShingoAuthApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shingo/shingo-auth-api';



Client library and grpc server for authentication



  1. Clone the repository and build with npm run build
  2. Run with npm start

In the future we may have a npm bin install. At that point you can install the server with npm i -g @shingo/shingo-auth-api and run npx shingo-auth-api-server


  1. Install the library as a dependency npm i --save-dev @shingo/shingo-auth-api
  2. Import the AuthClient class from the index and instantiate with the server address:
  import { AuthClient } from '@shingo/shingo-auth-api'
  const client = new AuthClient('api.shingo.org:1337')
  client.login({ email: 'blah@blah', password: 'asdf', services: 'some-service' }).then(res => {
    // do something