The ShipEngine Integration Platform local development API

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ShipEngine Connect

ShipEngine Connect Local Dev API

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⚠ WARNING: This is an internal package

Using this package directly is discouraged and unsupported. Instead, you should install @shipengine/connect which uses this package under the hood. See our documentation for more information.

This package makes ShipEngine Connect apps callable via an API. It can be used as a standalone tool, or via the ShipEngine Connect CLI.


$ npm install @shipengine/connect-local-dev-api
"use strict";

const server = require("@shipengine/connect-local-dev-api")

const pathToApp = process.argv[2];
const port = process.argv[3];

server(port, pathToApp);


The development server will start on localhost:3000 by default. It automatically detects file changes with nodemon, and transpiles TypeScript on the fly using ts-node.

Note: Make sure to edit nodemon.json so that the exec command points to the absolute path of the Connect App on your system.

$ npm run start:dev


Test are written in TypeScript, and use ts-node to handle transpiling.

$ npm test


To release a new version, use the command below.

npm run release

This will do the following:

  • Display any outdated dependencies and prompt you to update them
  • Run a security vulnerability audit
  • Do a clean re-build
  • Run all tests
  • Run linter checks
  • Prompt you for the version number to bump to
  • Tag, commit, and push to GitHub

Once the commit is merged to the master branch, the CI/CD script will publish it to NPM.