Pure JavaScript Google-Home notifier

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  import shooontanGoogleHomeNotifier from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shooontan/google-home-notifier';



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Send notifications to Google Home.

This module is rewritten in TypeScript based on google-home-notifier. We are freed of the need to build with node-gyp when run npm install.


# npm
$ npm install @shooontan/google-home-notifier

# or yarn
$ yarn add @shooontan/google-home-notifier


const GoogleHomeNotifier = require('@shooontan/google-home-notifier');

(async () => {
  const notifier = GoogleHomeNotifier();
  await notifier.create();

  const message = 'Hi!';
  await notifier.say(message);



  const notifier = GoogleHomeNotifier(options);

options arguments is optional.

  • options.device: string device name. example Google-Home.
  • options.ip: string Google Home device ip address.
  • options.lang: string language code. Google Document


await notifier.create();

notifier.create() find out Google Home device ip address and auto set ip address to notifier instance.

If setting options.ip, notifier.create() does not need.

notifier.say(message, [options])

await notifier.say(message, options);

Send notification to Google Home.

  • message: string notification text.
  • options: object
    • lang: string same as GoogleHomeNotifier options.lang.
    • speed: number notification text speed. default 1.


await notifier.play(mp3Url)

Play mp3 with Google Home.

  • mp3Url: string | Array<string>