The development server for a Shopgate Cloud PWA project.

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Shopgate Cloud SDK Development Server

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The development server for your Shopgate Cloud App themes. It uses webpack to compile your resources.


To run the development server on all your Shopgate Cloud themes, you need to install this package globally:

npm install -g @shopgate/sdk-devserver


In your console navigate to your project folder:

cd /path/to/my/project/

Then you have to run npm i first to install all your dependencies:

~/ npm i

Afterwards you have to run the development server's setup script:

~/ sgcloud --setup

Then you can start the development server by simply running:

~/ sgcloud

This will start the Shopgate Cloud development server with a Webpack instance.

Options (CLI arguments)

There are a few options available that change the server's behaviour:


This will setup you project configuration and save it into the configuration file local.json in your project's ./config directory. The directory will be created if it does not exist.


~/ sgcloud --setup


This will link the installed @shopgate dependencies with your local copy. NOTE: This will only apply in development mode and only links the @shopgate modules that you have checked out from GitHub.


~/ sgcloud --link


This will reset your theme project by re-installing and re-locking all node modules.


~/ sgcloud --reset


This starts the development server together with the Redux Remote DevTools. With that you can debug the redux state and actions from your mobile device on your desktop browser.


~/ sgcloud --remote


This uses the Webpack Bundle Analyzer that will help you to realize what's really inside your bundles, find out which modules take up most of it's size and helps you recognize modules that shouldn't be there.


~/ sgcloud --analyze


This will build your project for production. It will output all of the resources for your Shopgate App into the ./public folder in your project's root directory. Note: This will most likely be used in the Shopgate Cloud deployment processes. Without the corresponding server-side backend, this will NOT be useful.


~/ sgcloud --production


Additional argument to make the webpack use the style of source mapping of your choice. For more information check the webpack documentation.


~/ sgcloud --sourcemap=cheap-eval-source-map


This argument would suppress most logs outputted to the console.


~/ sgcloud --silent


In order to use your own webpack configuration you can simply provide your own webpack.config.js inside your project's root directory. The development server will automatically recognize and use it.

ATTENTION: You will also need to provide your own babel configuration inside a .babelrc file in your project's root directory!

About Shopgate

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Shopgate's SDK Development Server is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See the LICENSE.md file for more information.