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License: MIT npm version

Utilities for manipulating manifests generated by @shopify/webpack-asset-metadata-plugin, and @shopify/sewing-kit.


$ yarn add @shopify/manifests


consolidate command

Finds assets.json / sewing-kit-manifest.json files inside a build directory, and combines them into a single JSON file.


--root (required)

Directory to scan for manifest files (e.g., public/bundles / build/client).

--destination (required)

Path of the combined manifest file (e.g., public/bundles/sewing-kit-manifest.json)


Glob pattern to search for within 'root'.


If enabled, removes the assets array from consolidated manifests. This reduces unused bulk in @shopify/sewing-kit-koa deployments.


If enabled, gzips the consolidated output. A '.gz' extension will be automatically applied to destination.


For full details of each option and its defaults, use:

yarn run manifests consolidate --help

An example command:

yarn run manifests consolidate --root public/bundles --destination public/bundles/sewing-kit-manifest.json --removeLegacyData