Cookies in React for the server and client

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Cookies in React for the server and client.


$ yarn add @shopify/react-cookie



To extract cookies during the server-side render of your application, your component needs to have access to the NetworkManager from @shopify/react-network. You can pass the initial server cookie value when the manager is instantiated within your server-side middleware.

For full details on setting up @shopify/react-network, see the readme for that package.

Koa Server Example

import React from 'react';
import {render} from '@shopify/react-html/server';
import {extract} from '@shopify/react-effect/server';
import {
} from '@shopify/react-network/server';
import App from './App';

export default function renderApp(ctx: Context) {
  const networkManager = new NetworkManager({
    // Here we provide the server cookies
    cookies: ctx.request.headers.cookie || '',

  const app = <App />;

  await extract(app, {
    decorate: (element) => (
      <NetworkContext.Provider value={networkManager}>

  applyToContext(ctx, networkManager);

  ctx.body = render(
    <NetworkContext.Provider value={networkManager}>


To use the useCookie() hook provided by this library, you must first wrap your client-side application tree in the <CookieUniversalProvider /> component.

React App Provider Example

// App.tsx

import {CookieUniversalProvider} from '@shopify/react-cookie';
import {SomeComponent} from './someComponent'; // see `hooks` example below

function App() {
    // rest of your tree
    <SomeComponent />


useCookie(name: string)

This hook is called with the name of a given cookie and returns the current value and a setter for that cookie. If the setter is called without a value argument, it will remove the cookie.

React Hook Example

// SomeComponent.tsx

import React from 'react';
import {useCookie} from '@shopify/react-cookie';

function SomeComponent() {
  const [cookie, setCookie] = useCookie('fooCookie');
  const handleChange = (event) => setCookie(event.target.value);
  const removeCookie = () => setCookie();

  return (
      <p>the cookie is {cookie}</p>
      <TextField value={cookie} onChange={handleChange} />
      <button type="button" onClick={removeCookie}>
        Remove Cookie



This utility can be used to create an initial set of cookies in the document.cookie. This can be useful in test set up.


This utility can be used to clear a set of cookies from the document.cookie. This can be useful when you need to clear the cookies between tests, such as in an afterEach block.