A webpack plugin that automatically filled in `@shopify/react-i18n`'s `useI18n`s or `withI18n`s call arguments.

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A loosely related set of packages for JavaScript/TypeScript projects at Shopify.

These libraries compose together to help you create performant modern JS apps that you love to develop and test. These packages are developed primarily to be used on top of the stack we like best for our JS apps; Typescript for the flavor, Koa for the server, React for UI, Apollo for data fetching, and Jest for tests. That said, you can mix and match as you like.

⚠️ Over the past few years, this repo has become a dumping ground for a variety of packages unrelated to the core problems Quilt aims to solve. For this reason, we are no longer accepting new packages.


The Quilt repo is managed as a monorepo that is composed of 78 npm packages and one Ruby gem. Each package/gem has its own README.md and documentation describing usage.

Package Index

Package Version Description
address Address utilities for formatting addresses
address-consts Constants and types relating to @shopify/address
address-mocks Address mocks for @shopify/address
admin-graphql-api-utilities A set of utilities to use when consuming Shopify’s admin GraphQL API
ast-utilities Utilities for working with Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs)
async Primitives for loading parts of an application asynchronously
browser Utilities for extracting browser information from user-agents
csrf-token-fetcher JavaScript utility function to fetch the CSRF token required to make requests to a Rails server
css-utilities A set of CSS styling-related utilities
dates Lightweight date operations library
decorators A set of decorators to aid your JavaScript journey
enzyme-utilities Enzyme utilities for testing React components
function-enhancers A set of helpers to enhance functions
graphql-config-utilities Common utilities for graphql-config
graphql-fixtures Utilities for generating fixture objects from GraphQL documents.
graphql-mini-transforms Transformers for importing .graphql files in various build tools.
graphql-persisted Apollo and Koa integrations for persisted GraphQL queries.
graphql-testing Utilities to create mock GraphQL factories
graphql-tool-utilities Common utilities for GraphQL developer tools
graphql-typed A more strongly typed version of GraphQL's DocumentNode.
graphql-typescript-definitions Generate TypeScript definition files from .graphql documents
graphql-validate-fixtures Validates JSON fixtures for GraphQL responses against the associated operations and schema
i18n Generic i18n-related utilities
jest-dom-mocks Jest mocking utilities for working with the DOM
jest-koa-mocks Utilities to easily stub Koa context and cookies
jest-mock-apollo Jest + Enzyme mocks for Apollo 2.x
jest-mock-router Jest + Enzyme mocks for React Router 3.x
koa-liveness-ping A package for creating liveness ping middleware for use with Koa
koa-metrics Aims to provide standard middleware and instrumentation tooling for metrics in Koa
koa-performance Creating middleware that sends performance-related data through StatsD
koa-shopify-graphql-proxy A wrapper around koa-better-http-proxy which allows easy proxying of GraphQL requests from an embedded Shopify app
koa-shopify-webhooks Receive webhooks from Shopify with ease
logger Opinionated logger for production-scale applications
magic-entries-webpack-plugin A webpack plugin that automatically sets up entrypoints from filename conventions
mime-types MIME type consistency
network Common values related to dealing with the network
performance Primitives for collecting browser performance metrics
polyfills Blessed polyfills for web platform features
predicates A set of common JavaScript predicates
react-app-bridge-universal-provider A self-serializing/deserializing app-bridge-react provider that works for isomorphic applications
react-async Tools for creating powerful, asynchronously-loaded React components
react-bugsnag An opinionated wrapper for Bugsnag's React plugin
react-compose Cleanly compose multiple component enhancers together with minimal fuss
react-cookie Cookies in React for the server and client
react-csrf Share CSRF tokens throughout a React application
react-csrf-universal-provider A self-serializing/deserializing CSRF token provider that works for isomorphic applications
react-effect A component and set of utilities for performing effects within a universal React app
react-form Manage React forms tersely and safely-typed with no magic using React hooks
react-form-state Manage React forms tersely and type-safely with no magic
react-google-analytics Allows React apps to easily embed Google Analytics scripts
react-graphql Tools for creating type-safe and asynchronous GraphQL components for React
react-graphql-universal-provider A self-serializing/deserializing GraphQL provider that works for isomorphic applications
react-hooks A collection of primitive React hooks
react-html A component to render your React app with no static HTML
react-hydrate Utilities for hydrating server-rendered React apps
react-i18n i18n utilities for React handling translations, formatting, and more
react-i18n-universal-provider A self-serializing/deserializing i18n provider that works for isomorphic applications
react-idle Utilities for working with idle callbacks in React
react-import-remote Asynchronous script loading for React
react-intersection-observer A React wrapper around the Intersection Observer API
react-network A collection of components that allow you to set common HTTP headers from within your React application
react-performance Primitives to measure your React application's performance using @shopify/performance
react-router A universal router for React
react-server Utilities for React server-side rendering
react-shortcuts Declaratively and efficiently match shortcut combinations in your React application
react-testing A library for testing React components according to our conventions
react-tracking-pixel Allows React apps to easily embed tracking pixel iframes
react-universal-provider Factory function and utilities to create self-serializing/deserializing providers that work for isomorphic applications
react-web-worker A hook for using web workers in React applications
rpc Utilities for postMessage-based remote procedure calls
semaphore Counting semaphore
sewing-kit-koa Easily access Sewing Kit assets from a Koa server
sewing-kit-plugin-quilt Quilt plugins for sewing-kit
statsd An opinionated StatsD client for Shopify Node.js servers and other StatsD utilities
storybook-a11y-test Test storybook pages with axe and puppeteer
useful-types A few handy TypeScript types
web-worker Tools for making web workers fun to use
with-env A utility for executing code under a specific NODE_ENV

Gem Index

Gem Version Description
quilt_rails A turn-key solution for integrating server-rendered React into your Rails app using Quilt libraries

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