JavaScript-based store name validator and availability checker.

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JavaScript-based store name validator and availability checker.

Owner @Shopify/launch-fed
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You can easily install this package with Yarn:

$ yarn add @shopify/store-name-analyser


Note: For a store to be created, its name need to satisfy some basic requirements. First, it has to conform with the character length constraints, then it also must not contain substrings of disallowed words in it. The BasicRequirementError enum exposes these requirements as MinLength, MaxLength and Disallowed.

This module exports a couple of utility functions.


Accepts a store name, and returns a BasicRequirementError which describes the nature of the error if any or true if the store name passes all the basic requirements.

Set the optional isSubdomain parameter to true when validating a store subdomain in markets with non-latin languages (Japan, Korea, Thailand, China) to skip the max length check.

  • Parameters: (storeName: string, isSubdomain = false)

  • Return value: BasicRequirementError | true


Accepts a validation result from validateStoreName, and determines if the result indicates that the store name in question successfully meets the basic requirements.

  • Parameters: (result: true | BasicRequirementError)

  • Return value: true | false


Accepts a mandatory store name value and runs that through the store name availability endpoint in core to determine if a store name has already been chosen.

It can also accept an email and a timeout, which by default is set to one minute because the availability of a store name is not critical enough to block store creation as core has a strategy in place to append incrementing numbers from 1 to store names that already exist.

  • Parameters: (storeName: string, email = '', timeout = ONE_MINUTE)

  • Return value: StoreAvailabilityResponse

interface StoreAvailabilityResponse {
  host?: string;
  message?: string;
  status: StoreAvailabilityStatus;

Development Guide

This project is written in TypeScript, and uses Rollup to generate an optimized JavaScript bundle. The structure and standards should be pretty obvious, but if you're going to be adding a new feature, please write tests for that. The following are the available dev commands.

  • dev up generates a bundle and declaration files from the TS source

  • dev [server|watch] does the same as dev up, but listens for changes in the source files and re-bundles

  • dev test runs Jest in watch mode