Code generator that makes creating tooltips for Dota 2 custom games much easier.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import shushishtokTooltipGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shushishtok/tooltip_generator';


Dota 2 Custom Game Tooltip Generator

A utility that converts Typescript code to localization that Dota 2 custom games can use.

That's Typescript. Can it work with lua addons?

Yes! The code is typescript, but it doesn't force the entire project to be typescript as well.

What do I need to use this repo?

In order to make Typescript compile at all, NodeJS must be installed on your system. Install the latest stable version shown in the link. I heavily recommend using VSCode, not only because of its internal support of NodeJS, but also because it's a great editor. Also, not all editors support NodeJS and/or Typescript, which, depending on the editor, will make it inconvenient to work with the tooltip generator.

Installation Instructions

  • Install NodeJS.
  • Install this module with npm i @shushishtok/tooltip_generator (please wait until you receive a message, that the adjustments are successful)
  • If your resource directory is NOT /resource, then you need to change the path in package.json: "~resource": "YOUR_PATH/resource"

Initialize the module!

  • Run npm run init to initialize the module

Build Instructions

You have several ways to start the build command.

To test: in the resource folder, go to resource/localization, open localizationData.ts, change one or more characters in the localization, and save. The terminal should show updates, and addon_english should update with that change.

Running build task with console

  • Open your console and type npm run dev

Running build task with Visual Studio

  • Run build task: CTRL+SHIFT+B on VSCode

Running build task with Sublime:

  • Tools > Build System > New Build System...
  • Type:
    "shell_cmd": "npm run dev"
  • Save as any name like dota_ts.sublime-build
  • Have fsWatcher.ts or package.json or any other file from the project open -> press Ctrl + Shift + B -> select dota_ts -> console opens and it is run, is closed with esc, will still continue to compile everything until sublime is closed.