Utility library for development on Kintone platform.

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  import shuuji3KintoneUtility from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shuuji3/kintone-utility';


Kintone Utility for JavaScript

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Utility library for development on the Kintone platform.


This library has been deprecated by the original authors and the successor is @kintone/kintone-js-sdk.

This fork is made for the legacy project which depends on Kintone Utility. Because new features such as Cursor API are appended to Kintone platform which break some functions of this Kintone Utility.


npm library

This library is published as npm library at npmjs.com for using from your bundle systems such as Webpack.

At first, add kintone-utility into your package dependencies:

> yarn add @shuuji3/kintone-utility

Then, use kintone-utility from your project like the following:

// main.js
import kintoneUtility from '@shuuji3/kintone-utility';

const { records } = await kintoneUtility.rest.getAllRecordsByQuery({
  id: 1234,
  query: 'count >= 1000',
  fields: ['name', 'quality', 'count'],


As the library is published as npm library, you can use unpkg CDN service to fetch this library. unpkg is mainly backed by Cloudflare and Google Cloud. 🙏✨

Latest version


Original version (v0.4.1) by Cybozu


Download File

  1. Download kintoneUtility.min.js from Releases or copy the following URL: https://shuuji3.github.io/kintone-utility/kintoneUtility.min.js
  2. Upload the file to Kintone by following directions here: Setting JavaScript Customization on Kintone or add the copied URL.
  3. You can use the kintoneUtility object on your code!


kintone-utility Documentation

Additionally, I'd like to recommend to read API Docs on Kintone Developer Program.

Requirements for development

  • Node.js (6.11.3+)


$ yarn install
$ yarn start

kintoneUtility.min.js will be created in docs/.

Original Copyright

Copyright(c) Cybozu, Inc.


FOSSA Status