An xPack with the µOS++ support for the SiFive Core Complex Arty boards

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SiFive Core Complex IP Arty boards specific files

This project provides support for the SiFive synthesised E31/E51 devices running on the Arty development board.

Developer info

This section is intended to developers who plan to include this library in their own projects.


A recent xpm, which is a portable Node.js command line application.

Compiling the source code requires a modern C++ compiler, preferably GCC 5 or higher.

Easy install

This package is available as @sifive/arty-boards from the npmjs.com registry; with xpm available, installing the latest version of the package is quite easy:

$ xpm install @sifive/arty-boards@latest

This package is also available from GitHub:

$ git clone https://github.com/micro-os-plus/sifive-arty-boards-xpack.git sifive-arty-boards-xpack.git

How to use

The standard way to include the board files is

#include <micro-os-plus/board.h>



E31/E51 Core Complex FPGA Eval Kit Clock and Reset

The E31/E51 Core Complex FPGA Eval Kit has a 100MHz input to the FPGA. This is used to derive the Core Complex’s io_coreClock at 65 MHz, and the clock (peripheral clock) at 32.5 MHz. The io_rtcToggle is driven at approximately 32kHz.

The system reset driven by the Reset Button on the evaluation board is combined with the external debugger’s SRST_n pin as a full system reset for the E31/E51 Core Complex FPGA Eval KitT ̇his is combined with the io_ndreset to drive the reset input to the Core Complex.

The reset vector is set with Switch 0. Leave the switch in the “Off” position to execute from SPI Flash.

Global interrupts

  • SWITCH 0 2
  • SWITCH 1 3
  • SWITCH 2 4
  • SWITCH 3 5
  • Quad SPI 6
  • GPIO[0] LED 0 RED 7
  • GPIO[1] LED 0 GREEN8
  • GPIO[2] LED 0 BLUE9
  • GPIO[3] SWITCH 310
  • GPIO[4] BUTTON 011
  • GPIO[5] BUTTON 112
  • GPIO[6] BUTTON 213
  • GPIO[7] BUTTON 314
  • GPIO[8] PMOD A[0]15
  • GPIO[9] PMOD A[1]16
  • GPIO[10] PMOD A[2]17
  • GPIO[11] PMOD A[3]18
  • GPIO[12] PMOD A[4]19
  • GPIO[13] PMOD A[5]20
  • GPIO[14] PMOD A[6]21
  • GPIO[15] PMOD A[7]22
  • PWM CMP[0] 23
  • PWM CMP[1] LED 1 RED 24
  • PWM CMP[2] LED 1 GREEN 25
  • PWM CMP[3] LED 1 BLUE 26

Maintainer info

How to publish

  • commit all changes
  • update CHANGELOG.md; commit with a message like CHANGELOG: prepare v0.1.2
  • npm version patch
  • push all changes to GitHub
  • npm publish


The original content is released under the MIT License, with all rights reserved to Liviu Ionescu.