rMinc is the Google Apps Script Library that register Mail in Calendar

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  import silverbirderRminc from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@silverbirder/rminc';


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rMinc is the Google Apps Script Library that register Mail in Calendar. overview

  1. Get the email.
    1. target the some services.
      1. Amazon
      4. Your favorite services
        1. you can create the custom mail rule (see sample/sample.js).
  2. Register the calendar event.
    1. Set the value of below.
      1. Title
      2. Event start and end date
      3. Location
      4. Description

Example from my Amazon mail is below. example

Use By Google Apps Script

  1. Access the Your Google Apps Script.
  2. Add the this library. (RMinc)
    1. API ID is MdL3uTK-myFlfF1-Ls1C1wiIH6OImGALS
  3. Use it like sample/sample.js

Use By TypeScript

This library is published by npm.

$ npm install @silverbirder/rminc


I often shop at Amazon(amazon.co.jp).

After purchasing the product, I will receive an email when the product will arrive. However, it was very troublesome to check when it arrived .

So, RMinc is a tool that monitors Amazon mails sent to GMail and automatically registers them in GCalendar .


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Please contact @me if you have anything.