Convert a date from / to ISO format YYYYMMDD to human readable format (DD/MM/YYYY)

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  import sineverbaDateConvert from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sineverba/date-convert';


Date Convert

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date-convert converts a 8-digit, ISO format YYYYMMDD, string "19820405" to "05/04/1982" (where 05 is day and 04 is April).

Use "/" as separator.


npm install @sineverba/date-convert


// Import module
var {fromIsoToHuman, fromHumanToIso} = require('@sineverba/date-convert');

var humanDate = fromIsoToHuman("20200102");
console.log(humanDate); // returns 02/01/2020

var isoDate = fromHumanToIso("02/01/2020")
console.log(isoDate); // returns 20200102


npm run test for simple test

npm run cover for coverage

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  • Add token inside

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