Lighthouse plugin for sitespeed.io

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sitespeed.io plugin for Lighthouse

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Run Lighthouse as a plugin for sitespeed.io (inspired by siteriaitaliana).

You can read more about sitespeed.io plugins here.

Test with current main

If you have checked out as the same level as sitespeed.io you run it like this (else just change the path).

git clone https://github.com/sitespeedio/sitespeed.io.git
cd sitespeed.io
npm install
bin/sitespeed.js --plugins.add ../plugin-lighthouse/ https://www.sitespeed.io/ -n 1

Run in production

If you want to run Lighthouse with your other sitespeed.io test, follow the instructions in the add a plugin docs or use the sitespeed.io +1 container. Read the documentation.

The Lighthouse tests will run after Browsertime finished and run Chrome headless.

Lighthouse reports

By default, it will generate lighthouse HTML-report in /pages/YOURPAGE/data that is iframed into the sitespeed.io result

Data to Graphite/InfluxDB

The plugin will automatically send the performance, pwa, best practice, accessibility, SEO score and Google Web Vitals to Graphite/InfluxDB.

If you want to sent other Lighthouse metrics you should start by reading the documentation about collecting metrics.


By default the plugin run the tests with desktop settings (lighthouse/lighthouse-core/config/lr-desktop-config). If you run sitespeed.io with --mobile, --android or --ios the plugin will run the tests with mobile settings (lighthouse/lighthouse-core/config/lr-mobile-config).

If you want you can run the tests with your own configuration. You will do that by adding your own JavaScript configuration file --lighthouse.config config.js.

And a configuration file like this:

module.exports = {
  extends: 'lighthouse:default',
  settings: {
    onlyAudits: ['first-meaningful-paint', 'speed-index', 'interactive']

You can also add Lighthouse flags by a JSON file --lighthouse.flags flag.json.

Read all about configuring Lighthouse at https://github.com/GoogleChrome/lighthouse/blob/master/docs/configuration.md.