Copy files and folders

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Skivvy package: copy

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Copy files and folders


skivvy install copy


This package allows you to copy files and folders from within the Skivvy task runner.

Included tasks


Copy files and folders


skivvy run copy

Configuration settings:

Name Type Required Default Description
source string,Array Yes N/A Files/folders to copy
destination string Yes N/A Destination path
options object No {} Copy options
options.overwrite boolean No false Whether to overwrite destination files
options.dot boolean No false Whether to copy files beginning with a .
options.junk boolean No false Whether to copy OS junk files (e.g. .DS_Store, Thumbs.db)
options.filter function, RegExp, string, array No null Filter function / regular expression / glob that determines which files to copy
options.rename function No null Function that maps source paths to destination paths
options.transform function No null Function that returns a transform stream used to modify file contents