Test JavaScript files using Mocha

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Skivvy package: mocha

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Test JavaScript files using Mocha


skivvy install mocha


This package allows you to test JavaScript files using Mocha from within the Skivvy task runner.

Included tasks


Test JavaScript files using Mocha


skivvy run mocha

Configuration settings:

Name Type Required Default Description
files string Array<string> Yes N/A Path to JavaScript files containing Mocha tests
options object No {} Mocha options (using camelCase in option names where applicable)
options.asyncOnly boolean No false Force all tests to take a callback (async)
options.colors boolean No false Force enabling of colors
options.noColors boolean No false Force disabling of colors
options.growl boolean No false Enable growl notification support
options.reporterOptions object No {} Reporter-specific options
options.reporter string No "spec" Specify the reporter to use
options.sort boolean No false Sort test files
options.bail boolean No false Bail after first test failure
options.debug boolean No false Enable node's debugger, synonym for node --debug
options.grep string No null Only run tests matching a pattern
options.fgrep string No null Only run tests containing a string
options.exposeGc boolean No false Expose gc extension
options.invert boolean No false Inverts grep and fgrep matches
options.require string No null Require the given module
options.slow number No 75 "slow" test threshold in milliseconds
options.timeout number No 2000 Set test-case timeout in milliseconds
options.ui "bdd" "tdd" "exports" No "bdd" Specify user-interface
options.watch boolean No false Watch files for changes
options.checkLeaks boolean No false Check for global variable leaks
options.compilers object No {} Use the given module(s) to compile files
options.debugBrk boolean No false Enable node's debugger breaking on the first line
options.globals Array<string> No [] Allow the given globals
options.inlineDiffs boolean No false Display actual/expected differences inline within each string
options.interfaces boolean No false Display available interfaces
options.noDeprecation boolean No false Silence deprecation warnings
options.noExit boolean No false Require a clean shutdown of the event loop: mocha will exit
options.noTimeouts boolean No false Disables timeouts, given implicitly with debug
options.opts string No "test/mocha.opts" Specify opts path
options.prof boolean No false Log statistical profiling information
options.recursive boolean No false Include sub directories
options.reporters boolean No false Display available reporters
options.throwDeprecation boolean No false Throw an exception anytime a deprecated function is used
options.trace boolean No false Trace function calls
options.traceDeprecation boolean No false Show stack traces on deprecations
options.watchExtensions Array<string> No [] Additional extensions to monitor with watch
options.delay boolean No false Wait for async suite definition