An SDK for Javascript SPAs to connect to the Skrumble API

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<script type="module">
  import skrumbleJsSdk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@skrumble/js-sdk';


Skrumble API Join the chat at https://gitter.im/Skrumble/js-sdk


The JS SDK is distributed through the npm registry, which means it can be installed with npm. In a bash window, run:

npm i --save @skrumble/js-sdk 

Or to install with yarn, run:

yarn install @skrumble/js-sdk


The SDK supports multiple formats for loading, depending on your environment:


var {
} = require('@skrumble/js-sdk')


import {
} from '@skrumble/js-sdk'

In case your environment doesn't support either, the SDK also exports a global called Skrumble, which contains the same classes as properties:

let Chat = Skrumble.Chat    
let APISocket = Skrumble.APISocket

Configuring & Logging-in

First you'll need:

  1. Client credentials from the Skrumble Developer site
  2. Hostnames for the environment you're using, see the Environments list in the developer docs
import {
} from '@skrumble/js-sdk';
let registeredUser, loadedChat

  client_id: "iK47Sr....",
  client_secret: "$2y$10$J...", 
  api_hostname: "sandbox.skrumble.com",
  auth_hostname: "sandbox-auth.skrumble.com"

try {
  registeredUser = await APISocket.login({
    email: "skrumble_user@example.com",
    password: "123456"
} catch(err) {
  throw new Error(err);  

try {
  chatList = await Chat.getAll();
} catch(err) {
  throw new Error(err);

console.log(`Logged in as ${registeredUser.first_name}, found chat list of ${chatList}`); 


The SDK is an open-source project, so Pull Requests and bug reports are encouraged. Before contributing, see the Github Issues page to ensure your issue/feature isn't a duplicate.


There are separate NPM tasks for generating and serving docs. To generate the docs, run npm run docs, which will read the code in src/ and output it to docs/.

To view it in a browser using SimpleHTTPServer, run npm run docs_serve. The docs should now be visible at localhost:5000/index.html


The SDK currently uses mocha/chai as a testing suite. npm run test will run the tests and output results to the console.


The goal of the SDK is to provide convenient access to the full functionality of the Skrumble REST API. For maintainers/contributors, unchecked items below are unimplemented, and therefore a good place to start contributing. Bold items are high-priority features. See our list of Github Issues for information about individual features.

  • Teams
    • Create team
    • Update team info
  • Users
    • Create user (add to team)
    • Update user info
    • Invite user
    • Invite guest
    • Get one
    • Get all
    • Check existing
    • User login
    • Guest login
    • Deactivate user
    • Register device for notification
    • Deregister device for notification
  • Chat
    • Create
    • Get one
    • Get all
    • Update chat info
    • Delete chat
    • Generate guest url
    • Mark as read
    • Add user to group
    • Remove user from group
    • Messages
      • Send/recieve messages
      • Send file by URL
      • Send file by data
      • Get unread
      • Translate message
    • Links
      • Get links by chat
      • Get links for user
    • Files
      • Get files by chat
      • Get files for user
      • Get file info
  • Integrations
    • Integration type support:
      • Google
      • Office365
      • Exchange
    • Create integration
    • Update integration
    • Delete integration
    • Contacts
      • Create contact
      • Update contact
      • Delete contact
      • Get one
      • Get all
    • Events
      • Add event
      • Update event
      • Delete event
      • Get all
      • Get one
  • Billing
    • Add funds
    • Get overview
    • Get subscriptions
    • Add billing address
    • Get draft invoice PDF
    • Get invoice PDF
    • Credit Cards
      • Add card
      • Delete card
      • Get all