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  import skyhookadventureGoldenCdk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@skyhookadventure/golden-cdk';


Skyhook Golden CDK

Built with typescript

L3 CDK constructs that simplify common patterns.


yarn add @skyhookadventure/golden-cdk --dev

L3 CDK Constructs Provided

Construct Description
SkyhookNodejsFunction Adds some defaults to the standard NodejsFunction that we prefer to use, including higher memory and minifying the code.
AppsyncNodejsResolver Creates a SkyhookNodejsFunction & hooks it up to an Appsync Resolver.
EventBridgeNodejsListener Creates a SkyhookNodejsFunction & hooks it up to an EventBridge rule.

Uses CDK Peer Dependencies

CDK requires that all your @aws-cdk/xyz modules are the same version. This module therefore uses peer dependencies for all cdk modules so that whichever version you have on your service should work.

Built by Skyhook

This module is contributed by the team at Skyhook